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A guide to setting up the Up2 Board for the Arduino Create Environment

Industrial IoT Workshop > UP2 Getting Started Guide > Install the Arduino Create Agent

Installing the Arduino Create Agent

The Arduino Create Agent is a small service that connects your development computer to your prototyping board. Even though the development environment is a web application in the cloud, you still must have the prototyping board and your development computer on the same network.

Installation Steps

To install the Arduino Create Agent, you must first go to and click on the My Devices link.

Click on Add a new Device. Note: If you don’t already have an Arduino Create account, follow the onscreen instructions to sign up. You’ll need to activate your account and log into the site using your new account.

Select the Next button.

Select the Set up the Arduino Plugin to start coding online link.

The Arduino Create website will detect your OS and begin downloading the OS specific Arduino Create Agent.

Install the Agent and you will see if appear in the system tray of UI menu of your operating system. Please note that if you are using the Up2 Board itself as the development platform then the Arduino Create Agent is already pre-installed for you.

In some browsers, the Arduino Web Editor may ask you to install extra certificates.

Connecting over IP Networking

The IP address of your board should be displayed on the LCD.

Go to, and select 1. I have already installed an OS on my device

Then select I know the IP address of my device and enter your IP address that is on your LCD.

The username is upsquared and the password is upsquared

If you find yourself on this “Connecting your board to Arduino Create” screen for than 3 minutes, check your connections (Ethernet, micro USB, power) and try again. If that doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting tips:

Name Your Computer

Lastly, you will be asked to name Your Up2 board.

Now You Can Begin Coding